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Planning and tracking vaccination schedules can be challenging for veterinarians and farmers. The ‘Time To Vaccinate’ App is an easy way to plan vaccination schedules per animal, group of animals or per farm. Time To Vaccinate combines a mobile application for IOS (iPhone) with an online portal on timetovaccinate.com. Upload the farm or animal data to the portal and track schedules and receive reminders on your mobile device.

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Manage vaccination of your herd timely and leave more time for other important things, like managing your business or spending extra time with your family.

Correct administration of vaccines and revaccination at the right moment is very important. This vaccination tools helps you not to forget an animal and schedule revaccinations easily.

Organize and structure your vaccination planning and receive reminders on your phone. Feel confident about the health of your animals.

The health of your herd is very important for your business today and in the future; with this app vaccination planning was never so easy and convenient.

A solid prevention plan consists of a farm specific vaccination schedule, proper management, nutrition, housing, hygiene and ventilation. Ask your veterinarian for advice.


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